The Interview of ‘22

I am not a journalist. A far cry from one I know. But I do like to play one on-line with my little inconsequential blog. As a pretend journalist, I need to do some interviews. Here is the first of what I am hoping will become a regular feature on my blog. I interviewed not one but three willing participants. Full disclosure alert though, I did pay them with a piece of candy for their time.

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Suffer the Children…

I recently had the opportunity to babysit Bubba’s two children, Lil B and Lil K.  As mentioned in a previous post, at the time they were two months shy of four and one week shy of two.  In other words, they were full of energy.  We were staying at my sister’s at the time and they were doing what children do best – keeping themselves occupied and busy.  My sister has a small replica of the Christus that proved to be a temptation for little fingers and busy hands.  They wanted to touch it.  Of course, since it wasn’t their home or statue their dad had warned them not to touch it.  They heard the admonition, they understood the meaning, their desire to touch increased.   Continue reading