General Conference thoughts: Take the Holy Spirit as Your Guide and His Spirit to Be with You

by Elder Larry Y. Wilson

and President Henry B. Eyring

I believe learning the language of the Spirit is the most crucial skill a person can acquire in this day and age.  It is also something I lack the ability to do.  That is why I appreciate step by step instructions on how to accomplish this task more so than pretty metaphors and imagery that sometimes loses practical implementation.

In short, Elder Wilson’s talk was one of my favorite talks this session and one that I plan on going back over and practicing.  Learning how to listen to the Spirit is too important to misunderstand – which I think happens frequently.  Personally, don’t want any misunderstandings with this topic.

To enhance the study of learning to listen to the Spirit, a good cross reference is President Eyring’s talk.  He uses Joseph Smith as a pattern for us to follow as we learn the language of the Holy Ghost.  This is a quality that can’t be neglected in this day and age.

Take the Holy Spirit as Your Guide

His Spirit to Be with You

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