Twitter Followers

I’m not suave about social media.  For me, it’s definitely a love-hate relationship with it all. I declare with loud voice how much I’d like to do away with it all but then I seem to be the first to like a status or post on Facebook.  Ugh.  Somehow I also ended up on Twitter so now I have two accounts that I feel the need to share on.  This is way too much sharing for one boring person.  Driven by the fact that I like to get at least 10 views of my blog every dang day and also by the fact that I sometimes have to round out that 10 myself, I sought other ways to share my little blog.  I know it’s know it’s small potatoes but I also think 10 views is not an unrealistic goal.  My visitors don’t even need to like my stuff (but why would they not?!) just as long as I get the visits.

When my Facebook traffic started to dwindle I jumped in the Twitter pool.  Jump is not exactly a fair description.  I cautiously climbed in while holding fast to the wall.  But I often forget about Twitter because, to be honest, I’m a bit too long winded for that format.  When I share a story I tend to add detail and intrigue.  In short, I’m too big for Twitter to handle.

But I have an account and my posts automatically pop up as tweets four times a week.  It is truly the forgotten child though and I have to remember to feed it (as opposed to my Google account which I have completely starved because I couldn’t handle three mouths to feed).

Imagine my surprise then when I received this notification.

Twitter 2Hmm.  It looks like his hair so it must be him.  Why wouldn’t he follow me?  I am an absolute delight.

I blamed that one on a marketing stunt.

But then this happened.

Twitter 1

I believe he was on his honeymoon to boot.

Obviously, even though I struggle with achieving a daily goal of 10 views on my blog my oft neglected Twitter account is awesome. So the moral of this tale, folks, is the more you try the less you accomplish.  The less you do the more you succeed.

Or something like that.

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