General Conference thoughts: Lord, Wilt Thou Cause That My Eyes May Be Opened

by Elder W. Craig Zwick

Another reason to draw nearer to Christ by study and applying His teachings.  This goes against everything the modern philosophers will teach.  According to today’s teachings followers of Jesus Christ are narrow minded and naïve.  Modern day disciples are attacked for their limited view.  But that is a false stereotype.True followers of Christ attempt to emulate a pattern He established while on His Earthly ministry.  A quick study of the gospels demonstrates how He always saw past the confines of the surroundings  and into the inner-heart.  From those physically marked with leprosy, to the foreigner Samaritan woman, to the woman taken in adultery, Christ always looked at people as a child of God.

When we study and follow His teachings we should be striving to do the same.  In fact, our expressions of love should be the mark of a true Christian.

Lord, Wilt Thou Cause That My Eyes May Be Opened

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