Destroying Angel

What gifts was I given

when all the talents were handed out?

Do I have a talent?

Looking at my life I have some doubt.

Was I forgotten

or possibly I was overlooked?

Maybe my talents

weren’t exactly fully cooked?

Others have gifts a plenty.

Some share their gifts of warmth and beauty.

Even the devil’s advocates

know how to fulfill their duty.

But now I realize, you see,

my talent it a little more rare.

I can destroy anything

and I can do it with some flair.

If you need beauty and warmth

I recommend you best just let me be.

Need a destroying angel?

You can definitely call on me.

© 2018 ck’s days

2 thoughts on “Destroying Angel

  1. Thank you for the compliment! 😊 I was afraid it sounded a bit wallowy but that was not my intent. For the n’er do wells it’s kind of empowering to not think of things as “failures” but sharing a talent – even if it’s destroying 😊

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