The King of Belgium

I went to see the movie Dunkirk.  Curious about the history, I read a book to find out more.  I learned about King Leopold of Belgium and thought it a bit of a sad story.  The story filtered out into my daily writing exercise.

Pity Leopold the King

who learned while thick in war

that there is no winning.


The powers that be

advised Leopold the Third

“To save the country you must flee!”


But Leopold the King

chose to fight with his men

and stayed instead of running.


When the country fell

the enemy captured him

and he became a prisoner of hell.


Poor Leopold the King

being Germany’s prisoner

was not the final sting.


When it came to an end,

for his brave actions

the kingdom was taken again.


That Leopold the King

abdicated the throne for his country

he gave his all at saving.


The lesson here to learn

the reaction to bravery

sometimes leaves a burn.


Remember Leopold the King

whose name was tarnished

for doing a noble thing.

© 2017 ck’s days

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