“Look up,” she said,

“look at the light.”

I did look up

and oh, what a sight!


A thousand crystals

seemingly the same

except for one thing

that changes the game.


Each little prism

absorbs light in

but displays that light

with its own little spin.


There is no difference

in light source or stone

but how the prism shares

is all on its own.


What makes a chandelier

such a dazzling array

is the fact each prism

shines in its own special way.


This little theory

can also hold true

for more than light fixtures

it works with people too.


Every single one of us

has the same light source.

How we display it

is personal of course.


Each and every person

absorbs light in

but how we choose to show it

depends on our own little spin.


“Look around,” she could have said,

“look for people sharing light.”

And I do look around

and oh, what a sight!

© 2016 ck’s days

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