True Anxiety

Truth is, I wanted to hide under a bed many times but I only did it once or twice.  It wasn’t very comfortable and did not provide the desired affect.  So, after indulging I no longer had the desire to hide away.

Of course, I have found other ways to hide away and retreat.  Just not under a dusty old bed.

2 thoughts on “True Anxiety

  1. This is not really a laughing matter at all – I know, I understand anxiety, I’ve had my fair share in my life for various reasons. But I couldn’t help feeling a certain sense of humour of thinking of you under that dusty bed! Although I’m sure it must have been a horrible experience.

    The kind of anxiety I get, would get worse if I even thought about hiding under a bed.

    I have heard of a woman recently who did that very thing, it turned out her anxiety was caused by a serious illness which she was ignoring hoping it would go away. I’ve no idea why she hid under her bed, but anyway….really sad thing was, her children thought she’d gone missing, but she had died, they found her body under her bed a few hours later – must have been a terrible shock for those kids.

    Anxiety is a very lonely feeling, even if you have someone understanding with you, sometimes it’s not enough, you just want the anxiety to leave. 😦

  2. Yeah, I think once maybe twice cured me of it. It was dusty and kind of a tight fit as an adult. It quickly lost all the grandeur thoughts of comfort! But I do laugh about it now.
    And after the story you shared I definitely will NOT be doing it ever again. What a horribly sad little story to break a heart.
    That’s why I’m sharing my story to hopefully help someone else!

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