Merry Christmas, y’all!

I grew up saying Merry Christmas! And I meant it. Christmastime is a time to be merry and happy and to express love. Watch any Hallmark movie if you don’t believe me.

When I entered college a movement came about. The movement of not offending anyone. “Don’t say merry Christmas,” I was told. “Say happy holidays. That way you won’t offend anyone.” That made sense. I just wanted to express joy and happiness. Definitely not to spread hate and discontent so I started saying happy holidays. And I meant it. Be happy people!

Years later there was another movement. “We need to keep Christ in Christmas,” I was told. “Say merry Christmas.” That made sense. As a Christian, I want to keep the focus on Christ. I always want to point the way to Christ and His teachings. For me, that’s where happiness is found. “Merry Christmas!” I said.

If you don’t mind, I’m going to step out of this. Christmas to me is about love, peace, joy, kindness, and hope. For me, all these things come from Christ. So I’m going to wish you a merry Christmas because for me, that is the warmest greeting I can give this time of year. In essence, all I’m saying is, “I want you to have the most joyful time the next couple of months.” With each merry Christmas I utter I send the best of feelings your way. I’m not trying to offend. I just want you to enjoy the season.

When you respond, “happy holidays” or whatever you want to wish me I will not be offended. I will thank you because I realize you are sharing the warmest greetings you have of this season with me. After all, how can I argue with someone who wants me to be happy?

Whatever our focal point for the season is, let’s keep sharing the love, peace, and hope that permeates the air. And from the bottom of my heart I wish you a very merry Christmas season.

One thought on “Merry Christmas, y’all!

  1. When it comes from the heart, as your does, yes!
    When it comes from the cashier at the register, maybe not.
    A “Happy Chanukah” I’ll extend and receive joyously (keeping the C in the spelling at the insistence of a dear friend.)
    I’ll smile in the Salaam — peace — welcome at the Iranian takeout. Didn’t Jesus instruct us with a similar greeting on entering a house?
    But as for the “happy holidays,” don’t get me started. Not unless we want to turn it back into “holy days,” pointedly. We’re talking about faith lived out in specifics, after all, not some vague sense of propriety.
    Now, Mind the Light …

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