God Is at the Helm

by M. Russell Ballard

I’ve heard the complaints.  In fact, I saw the criticism first of the latest hubbub.  It gave me a moment to pause and I looked up the official word.  Then it all made sense.

I have stayed out of the ring for the most part when it comes to the idle chatter of the day.  When people are so quick to misinterpret and misunderstand, why should I say anything more?

For those in moments of dark doubt I ask, to what were you converted?  Because for me, I was converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ restored by modern prophets.  That is what I cling to.  That is what I seek a daily renewing confirmation of by the Spirit.  During this time, without that daily fortification, the cunning tales being spun “shall deceive the very elect” (Mat 24).

That’s why I need the straightforwardness and the plan from leaders like Elder Ballard.  Tell me what I need to do to not be deceived by the fabulous fables today.

God Is at the Helm

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