A small act of kindness

It was a simple act. I wonder how many people even noticed? Surely if I saw it others must have too.

Brother So-and-so was saying the Sacrament prayer for the bread. Apparently, it was that kind of day for him. The words just couldn’t make their way out of his mouth correctly. He started several times. This is one of those instances that have the potential to embarrass someone. For some people, it could even drive them to obscurity. Slip away, slip away into safe, comfortable surroundings. Why bother trying?

He started the prayer several times before it finally came out right. We each partook of the bread.

Then it came time to bless the water. Brother John Doe is a gospel teacher and a leader of the youth. He has said the prayer flawlessly many, many times. When he says it, he articulates it slowly and with meaning. He definitely knows what he is doing.

But that day, he stumbled over words and had to start again.

Did he do it on purpose? He would never admit it if he did. I think he did though. I think he did it just to help Brother So-and-so not feel so embarrassed.

I debated whether or not to share this because it really was a beautiful and sacred act. Maybe it should just be thought on and pondered among those of us in attendance. I decided to share it though to express gratitude for the many acts of small kindness that goes undetected. To the gracious and giving souls I thank you for your example. It gives me a standard to live up to when I see Christ-like service moments among so many. Thank you Brother John Doe!

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