Is it or is it not? That is the question

spider 1There seems to be a spider infestation in these parts. I’m not the only person to comment on it. Two of my fairly geographically close neighbors have also mentioned it. That makes three which means it is obviously a problem. The other day I saw this ugly fellow (or lady, I shouldn’t assume gender) in my hamper. Mind you I saw it from across the room through the ‘pause’ like design slits. I shouldn’t have been able to see it but I did. Ick. The reason I share all this is for the sole purpose that the next part of the story seems logical, plausible, and definitely not crazy.

spider 2A couple mornings after my hamper arachnid sighting, I jumped in the shower and looked down. And this is what I saw.

I did my best to stay calm and on track with what I was doing so I think my feelings at the moment came out as a strange gurgling sound. It was a weekday morning which meant I was already running late for work I didn’t have time for a distraction. So I took a bite out of that bullet and continued on. Never letting my company out of my sight.

It wasn’t moving. That was a good sign. It must be dead. Another good sign. Or is it? If it’s dead that means…maybe something bigger killed it? Wash faster Lee.

No, it can’t be a spider.

It’s a spider.

It can’t be a spider.

That’s the gist of my inner-dialogue.

It has multi-colored legs, it’s not a spider.

It has multi-colored legs, that can’t be good.

I couldn’t decide. The shower is a little too small to allow me to take a closer look right then. I did the best I could do without glasses and without getting within inches of it. Just don’t touch it, I told myself.

It’s a spider. There is nothing to match that color of fuzz if that’s what it is.

It’s not a spider. I’ve never seen a spider like that before.

I rinsed my hair and looked down and it was gone. My heart went into my throat for a second. It is a spider and it. woke. up. Crud.

But alas, it just floated under the current when I rinsed. Still motionless. Still unsure if it is a species.

I finished my shower and bent closer. Definitely a spider. A new kind for these parts. Not good. This is not good.

spider 3I went and got my glasses and put them on. Okay, you nasty bug, I thought and bent down armed with toilet paper to scoop it up in. It… it… was not a spider. It was part of the rug from across the room that must have snagged on my toe or something.




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