How I spend my time

Ever spend much time on Facebook?  Judging from the pictures below, apparently I do.  I just like how Facebook has determined it is my best judge of character.  Sometimes just by looking at my name.  Here are a few results so that you can better understand who I am.  Because you know, these tests are highly accurate.  Included for your pleasure are commentaries of each test.  This is a much better way to get to know somebody than by, say, having a face to face conversation with that person.  Right?

I’m a werewolf! Grrrr.

Not just creative but UNIQUELY creative mind you.

Sometimes I just laugh at the results. A body of a 20 year old? Uh, I wish.

I look like Marilyn Monroe?! The funny thing about this is in profile picture I’m with my mom – Marilyn.

I’m joy? Um, have I been using that word wrong all these years?

Not just uniquely creative but a creative GENIUS people. GENIUS.

Ok, this one might be kinda accurate…

What’s with all these blonds I look like? I don’t look like a blond.

Keep this in mind for the picture below it. I had to figure out what this adjective meant…

I don’t think so… not for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5

My charm?! I should never change my charm? So what you’re telling me is – I should never suddenly be charming. Done!

I’m always suspicious when my results are the same as the person I steal the test from. Warrior Princess? There sure seemed to be a lot of us that day.

This one might be true, too…

Here’s a deep dark secret about me: I would love to be a stand-up comedian. Only if I could succeed though. I’m highly terrified of failure.

I’m always upbeat and smiling? Upbeat and smiling? Really? Sometimes I feel like FB doesn’t know me at all…

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t all the aurors get killed or maimed? That can’t be good. Glad this Hogwarts realm is fictional.

Not just likeable, UNBELIEVABLY likeable, y’all.

But… I hate winter. Can’t I be summer? Is this why I’m so conflicted? Because I don’t like my spirit season?

We are at the point of ‘whatever.’

I…uh…sticking with the ‘whatever’ response.

Not sure what hidden message is in with the capitol A. But FB says I’m A really nice person, read that?!

Can’t sit still? If I truly couldn’t sit still don’t you think this post would have been much, much shorter?



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