Standard Primary Answers

While in Primary

we learn to give

standard answers

we should all live.


Our replies we share

we never outgrow.

Soon we can see that

we already know.


Whenever asked,

the response does come

so often the same

we roll our eyes some.


We know what to say

and the answers come quick.

But when we leave class

do the answers actually stick?


There’s a difference

between knowing the reply

and living the answer

because we understand the why.


Knowing the answers

is important it’s true.

But we must also

not forget the do!

© 2014 ck’s days


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4 thoughts on “Standard Primary Answers

  1. It’s true, we can all ‘know’ those answers, but living them is another thing entirely. At least anyone struggling with this, will know they are not alone – it’s a common problem,most of humanity suffers from it! 😉

  2. Not only that but we get tired of the same answers and want different ones. More elaborate ones I suppose. When it all comes down to the basics. There’s a reason we learn them in primary 🙂

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