Tuesday 8:07am

Tuesday 8:07am. Technically, I suppose you might say I was supposed to be at work 7 minutes ago. Instead, I’m at a red light and I’m only a little more than half way to work. But I’m earlier than I was yesterday so that’s a positive. It looks like it might snow or rain today. I’m not going to hold my breath though. Wyoming weather is such a tease. The clouds can pout for a whole day and never shed forth a coveted tear on the high mountain desert.

It’s 8:07am and I’m tired. I’m always tired in the morning. Mornings do not agree with me. They wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t come about so very early. Sigh. It’s only Tuesday 8:07 – excuse me, 8:08am now.   What’s the countdown till Friday? Not. Soon. Enough.

I look in my rearview mirror and notice the driver behind me. She’s laughing. I tilt my head to the side to look at her passenger seat. It’s empty. Is she talking on the phone? It does not appear so – at least not a handheld device. So, what is she laughing at?

Is she laughing at me? Suddenly, I’m self-conscious. Is something dangling from my tailpipe? What’s the deal, here? The light turns green and the traffic begins slowly going. I look again in my mirror. She’s still laughing.

It’s Tuesday at 8:08am. There is no laughing right now. There is only the struggle to wake up enough to get through this morning’s responsibilities. Definitely no laughing.



4 thoughts on “Tuesday 8:07am

  1. I’m with you on the morning’s! :/ I’m not a morning person either. In my mind I am, but reality is, I often feel washed out ,regardless of how much or little sleep I’ve had, and don’t really begin to appreciate the day until lunchtime. It’s always been like that for me. Apparently, even when I was a baby – I had to be woken up in the morning. My mother said I would have happily slept all day if she hadn’t have picked me up out of the cot to wake me. Strange, because most babies can’t wait to disturb the whole family at 6am in the morning!

    I wonder what was making that woman behind you so happy? Maybe she was listening to something amusing on the radio, or someone phoning her maybe? Whatever it was, I’d like to have some of that at 8.08am! 🙂

  2. She was probably just one of ‘those’ people. You know, those morning-people types I hear rumors about. They do exist! haha 🙂

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