How many can you eat? I can eat 12.

I wanted a snack.  Preferably a sweet treat.  This is odd for me, I rarely crave anything sweet.  But every once in awhile I do.  Sometimes, not very often, I even get a hankering for chocolate.  But this night, I just wanted to satisfy my sweet tooth.

The problem: I don’t stock up on goodies because I don’t eat them fast enough.

So, I searched through cupboards looking for anything.  A left over Ding Dong.  A lost Twinkie.  See?  I don’t even know the names of the desserts nowadays.  Something strawberry and cream filled would have been a golden find.

But I found nothing like that.

Instead, I found packages of marshmallows left over from summer.  We just don’t roast them fast enough and always have a few left over.  One package had been resealed nicely and the marshmallows were still soft.  Another package had a hole in it and all the marshmallows were like hard little rocks.  I threw that one away.

marshmallow 01Then I found the third package.  They were not the run-of-the-mill plain jane boring marshmallows.  No, no.  They were a package of the caramel vanilla type.  Or what I like to call, the Fancy Mallows.

I first had them the previous summer.  “Okay, I’m not a big marshmallow person but even I could eat a whole package of these,” I declared.

Last summer I wanted to roast some more but could not find them.  I couldn’t find them for Memorial Day.  I couldn’t find them for the Fourth of July.  But I finally found them for Labor Day.  When we didn’t finish the package I thought, “I need to have one more roast so we can finish these up.”  But we never did.

marshmallow 02I found them stuck in the cupboard en route to becoming stale.  They weren’t soft and fluffy like normal, fresh ones.  Instead, they were rather chewy and it took some doing to eat them.  I’m kind of surprised I didn’t lose any dental work.

Now, after a summer long pursuit of acquiring my special bag of deliciousness, do you really think (being the fiscally retentive soul that I am) that I would just throw them away?  Would you?  If you answered yes than you are either a liar or some kind of person I don’t understand.

I took one for the team that night.  What team?  I have no idea.  The important thing is I finished the bag.  By my calculations, there were 12 marshmallows left (I did not count).  I finished every last bit.  True, I’d be okay if I never saw another one again – at least until summer – but I did it.

I did not look at the expiration date because I did not want to know.  Besides, around this house we treat expiration dates more as guidelines.  Did I tell you how I finished a package of graham crackers once that expired the year previously?  So expiration – shimmeration, my stomach has been trained for such a feat as this.

Although, I totally expected to become ill afterward.  I did not.  I did, however, abate my sweet tooth.   I think I’m good now for another 6 months or so.


4 thoughts on “How many can you eat? I can eat 12.

  1. I know! Pretty gross.
    If I would have known so many people were interested in weird eating habits, I don’t think I would have shared this story. Go figure~

  2. You don’t stock up on goodies because you don’t eat them fast enough?
    I don’t stock up on goodies because I could eat them all – whatever and however much – in a DAY.

  3. Well, sweet treats. But give me salty treats and I, well, I’ll inhale them. I can’t keep chips in the house because I will eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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