You know it’s cold in Wyoming when…

Right next door to me

there lived a celebrity.


You may have heard of him before –

he always takes flight on night 24.


That’s right, the jolly old man himself –

whose best friend is an elf.


As I recall, they were all

noisy neighbors always going in and out –

those elves sure would scurry about.


Sometimes I’ll admit, I’d help just a bit,

and slip Egg Nog to Rudolph

right before he’d take off.


One day, Nick said to me, “You know

I hate when that wind chill begins to blow.”


And then, that was the end –

he and his elf buddies loaded his sleigh

and just like that flew, flew away.


All the while I heard him exclaiming,

“I’m headed north because it’s too darn cold in Wyoming!”

© 2013 ck’s days


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