All Hallows’ Eve

All Hallows’ Eve –

the night when souls of the dead roam.

and also haunt –

the place they once called their home.

Seeking vengeance –

for each misdeed during their day.

Wanting justice –

before they pass along their way.

A spooky time  –

designed to give us a good fright.

Who are the brave –

that dare to go out on such a night?

Not me I say –

it’s too eerie to be out there

I will stay in –

but the demons better beware!

For our defense –

is an army of 3 feeters

who go about –

house to house dressed as Trick or Treaters.

© 2012 ck’s days

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This and other fine poems available at Amazon


6 thoughts on “All Hallows’ Eve

  1. Very good! 🙂 So, do you really stay in? I stay in, not out of fear, but that’s what I do a lot – stay in!! 😆

    I heard there was a big costume parade in the city where I live, something new that’s occurred in the last couple of years. Any excuse just to get people out and partying – and spending money they wouldn’t otherwise have spent! 😉

  2. Call me a traditionalist but I like to hand out candy so I stay in. We had a pretty cold Halloween this year so our numbers were down but I refused to turn off the porch light until 9:00pm. I still have one bag of candy left. Luckily, I got the kind I like this year so maybe it won’t go to waste. Well, not all of it.
    I’d love to go to go to costume parties (not on the actual night of course) but I never get invited. And I’m always too lazy to think of a costume until hours before work. So I usually stay in, too!

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