A chilling tale

Here’s my best effort at a spooky story.  Every time my mom told it to me I received no small amount of chills.  But I do live in Wyoming so it is possible a cold breeze happened to blow every single time she recounted it.

I doubt it.

Also, from what I gather, my great-grandma T. was a bit of a storyteller.  So, how much truth is in this story will never be known now.  There are some indisputable facts though.  The rest… let’s just say I’m not accountable for the verity of this story.

Years ago, my great-grandparents owned a ranch in Wyoming.  One season, a cowhand came to work for them.  My great-uncle, Valentine (Val for short) was a young boy of about four or five at the time.  Val took a liking to this particular cowhand and followed him wherever he went.  Apparently the cowhand reciprocated Val’s feelings and let the boy follow him.

Let me stop right here.  Yes, in our modern society we are throwing all kinds of flags on this play.  You just have to shake those feelings of ookiness off and keep reading because that really is not the chilling part.

At the end of the season, it came time for the cowhand to depart.  But he said he’d be back in a year for the boy.

I know, another flag.

However, during the offseason the cowhand died.

Sometime after, Val died within the year.

And that’s my best Halloween tale this season.

The Cowboy and the Kid


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3 thoughts on “A chilling tale

  1. That is just a little spooky, sounds like they just couldn’t be apart! Or – just one of those strange coincidences that our minds like to make links with and think there is something to it. Our brains do have a tendency to want everything to add up. At least, my brain does anyway!! But certainly a good ghost story! 🙂

  2. I was very young when my great-grandma died so I don’t remember her telling the story. I just have the version my mom told me. However, the reason I thought of this family legend is because I was talking to a guy who was out hunting. He came across Val’s tombstone. It is a fact that he died when he was five years old. There was another tombstone nearby of a man – not related. Hmmm?!

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