The Sixth Sense: Is it just me?

photo courtesy the web

photo courtesy the web

The movie “The 6th Sense” was on television.  It’s been awhile since I’ve seen it so I watched it.

Every time I watch it though it freaks me out for days afterward.  I always wonder if I’m actually dead and just don’t know it.  Are people really interacting with me?

So far, I have not met Haley Joel Osment (whatever happened to that kid?) so I guess I’m safe.

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Stormy Afternoon

It was a dark and stormy afternoon.  No, seriously, it really was.  Perhaps, the earth had suffered enough with the summer drought that the heavens took pity on her and allowed rain in the autumn.  One might say that the rain, wind, and dark skies evoke the Halloween spirit.  One might say that, it’s true.  Another might declare it to be a coincidence and only determined by the season.  Which is a proven fact.   But whatever your belief you have to admit, a dark and stormy afternoon is kinda creepy.

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