Ghost Story

Living by a cemetery can be adventurous.  Even if some of the adventures exist only inside my head.

Walking around the cemetery is just under 1.5 miles.  It’s a nice walk and gives me time to think.  Sometimes overthink.

One time as I walked down the sidewalk right next to the cemetery’s white fence, I heard a skateboarder coming up behind me.  I looked back to make sure I could get out of the way, and nobody was there.

“Huh,” I thought, “that’s weird.”

I turned and continued walking.  Again, I heard a skateboarder coming behind me.  I again turned.  This time a car drove past me on the road.

I shrugged my shoulders and attributed the noise to the car.  But after the car past me, I heard again a skateboarder.  I stopped walking so that I could get a good look behind me.  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing was behind me.

I began to panic a little bit.  And by a little bit, I mean a whole lotta bit.

I continued walking, it might have been more of a run.

I don’t believe in ghost stories, but I know what I heard.  Again, the skateboard and it sounded as if it was going to run me over.   Quickly I turned again, and this time, I saw a little, crushed clear plastic bottle blowing in the gutter.  My “skateboarder!”

Can’t say I wasn’t relieved.  A whole lotta.

6 thoughts on “Ghost Story

  1. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed in your discovery of the skateboarder. Of course, I tend to pull against Ichabod Crane too.

  2. I just thought it would be a more exciting story if there had been a headless skateboarder chasing you with a pumpkin. (I am glad that you are safe though).

  3. Haha!!! 😆 And I thought this sort of thing only happened to me!! 😀 It’s amazing what our brains can make us think we’ve seen or heard. Just put it down to your writers imagination! 😉

    I live a minutes walk away from a cemetery too, I’ve never experienced a spooky moment in there yet. But, I rarely go alone walking up there, so that might be why. I did go there on my own once, but it was such an amazing hot summer day and all the blossom on the trees was blooming and the birds were singing, I was very distracted by the loveliness of the day, and the thought of ghosts was far from my mind! I think most of our experiences of life, is in our minds!! 😀

  4. I find the cemetery here is a very pretty and peaceful place – when not chased by phantom skateboarders. My town is situated in the high mountain plain (or desert) of Wyoming so anywhere there are trees and grass is quite refreshing. And the cemetery is city owned so it is usually pretty green.
    And that crushed plastic bottle sure sounded like plastic wheels coming up behind me! 🙂

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