Come to me, my Swedish friend…

Have you heard this song by the Goo Goo Dolls?  Are you as surprised as me it’s by the Goo Goo Dolls?

Just me.  Okay.

I think it shows great diplomatic relations when songs include international relations.

Come to me, my Swedish friend.

Then there’s the line about cigarettes.

Ohhhh.  Come to me my sweetest friend.  And there is no line about cigarettes.  This whole trend in including lyrics with the video is a-ok with me.  Saves from some embarrassment.  Trust you me.

It would have come in handy before I sang along to the Black Eye Peas song, “I want to German size your love.”   What does that even mean?  I could understand, “I want to Russia size your love,” meaning to make it big.  Because, you know, Russia is one big country.  But that could also mean to make it cold, right?  I’ve never been to Russia but I’ve heard it gets cold there.  Rocky IV took place in Russia but was filmed in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  I’ve been to Jackson Hole and can tell you it’s cold.

What’s that?  I’m rambling now?   Back on topic – German size your love.  Weird phrase.

And no, they don’t really say that.

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2 thoughts on “Come to me, my Swedish friend…

  1. I really enjoyed those, totally different, but each one really great! And I still couldn’t figure out what she was saying there! 😐 Doesn’t sound like “I’m addicted, want to jump inside your love” but I guess it must be if the lyric videos say it is!! 😀 I like the lyric videos too, some of them are done so well, they should be paid to put it up on You Tube! 😉 And some singers are now having their videos made as a lyric video instead of the usual pop video, it’s very cool to like them at the moment – that’s a relief, makes me feel a little younger!! 😀

  2. The only trick is – remembering what I read! I’ll hear the song later and think, okay, that’s not what they are singing. But what was it again? I just don’t remember lyrics very well. I inherited that from my mom.
    My brother and younger sister though, man, they can remember songs they heard as children! I guess. I mean, who am I to prove them wrong?!
    Lyric videos are handy. But sometimes just as wrong, too. Again, who am I to prove them otherwise?!

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