Slipped away

She watched him

load boxes in the car

and hoped he

wouldn’t go too far.

Their two children

cried and hugged him so

and begged him

to stay and not to go.

He looked at

her and she looked down.

It was best

if he didn’t stay around.

She didn’t

feel anger any longer

So very

tired but a little stronger.


she grieved their love

But today

her heart was tough.

And she

remembers the day

before they

let it all slip away…

Life was good once.

She felt blessed once.

She had love once.

She knew happiness once.

All before life slipped their love away.


He placed one

red rose beside her name.

The last two

years just haven’t been the same.

He looked down

at the engraved stone.

Then turned

and slowly went home.

He looked at

old photographs and smiled.

How he wished

they could talk again for awhile.

The days

sure felt longer

He’s still

sad but a little stronger.

He just missed

her every single day

and wished

she could have stayed.

And he

remembers the day

that she

had to slip away.

Life was good.

He felt blessed.

He had love.

He knew happiness.

Before life slipped his love away.


© 2013 ck’s days


It’s kind of like mixing these two songs together:

Let that Pony Run by Pam Tillis

Love Me by Collin Raye

2 thoughts on “Slipped away

  1. Oh – interesting, I didn’t see the grave side bit coming! I had to go back on myself, make sure I hadn’t made a mistake! Do you think the departed can see the living – I wonder sometimes. It’s all a bit fantasy for me, I like to play with the idea in writing, but in real life, I tend to think not. 🙂

  2. I think they do. I also believe in guardian angels and helpers because – otherwise I’d be wandering lost somewhere! Watching over me is kinda a full time job at times. Just sayin.

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