When words hurt

I wish I knew

how to give comfort

and make the hurt go away.


I’m pretty sure

you’d never believe

any of the words I say.


Those hurtful words

seep into our hearts

and we let them weigh us down.


While words that lift

and encourage us

we don’t let them stick around.


And the kids chant,

“Sticks and stones break bones

but mean words will never hurt.”


Broken bones heal

quicker than a heart

mending from a painful word.


So go ahead,

I won’t stop you now –

cry like your heart’s been broken.


Release the pain –

don’t try and fight it –

let the flood gates open.


Then dry your eyes

and dust yourself off –

the sun is still in the sky.


Words are just words –

learn to let them go –

even the hurtful lie.


Give them a chance

they will weigh you down

and turn your heart to stone.


So don’t let them!

You are more than words

that are carelessly thrown.


Rise above it –

rise above the pain –

find beauty in the day.


I promise you –

find the beautiful

and the foul will melt away.

© 2013 ck’s days


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2 thoughts on “When words hurt

  1. Ooh, I like that – letting go of the echo. As you say, easier to say (and give advice for like in my poem) than doing it ourselves.

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