Trevor Christine

Sure, it looks innocent enough

Sure, it looks innocent enough

I bought my car last September.  A cute Toyota RAV 4 that I coveted for a long time.  Promptly upon leaving the car lot (and signing my life away) I christened is Trevor.  Yeah, Trevor the Toyota RAV 4.  It doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like Felix the Ford Explorer, but it is clever enough for me.  And wrong.  It should have been dubbed Christine – as if in, Stephen King’s horror story of a possessed car.

When I test drove it, I put it through all the normal routines.

√ Made it up the belt route while exceeding the speed limit  (meaning horsepower is decent)

√ Power windows worked pushing the down and then the up button  (former car story)

√ I looked cute in it (self explanatory)

√ The radio worked.  The CD player worked (Felix had some major issues with this toward the end).

Okay, that last one Christine lied through her black rubber tires.

About a week into my ownership I discovered an annoying quirk.  Sometimes when I push the button to switch radio stations the radio turns off instead.  I turn it back on and the annoying song or commercial is still playing so I try to switch stations again.  Again it turns off.  A couple more times of this routine and I shake my fist at it.  This does nothing to help the matter but helps me relieve stress.  I have since found out that if I have a CD in the player it will eject the CD and turn off the radio.

Not cool Trevor Christine.

I thought I figured out the combination.  If the heater is on it will do this.  But it also does it if the heater is off.  Or if the AC is on.  In other words, it just likes to do it.  I firmly believe that it does it to mess with me.

The other morning I turned on my AM radio station to listen to Glenn Beck on the way to work (oh c’mon, if you know me at all you know that I lean on the conservative side).  Instead of the Glenn Beck show though, I heard a song playing (something about being mad) from a very FM sounding station.  And the display was all lit up like this.


I told you it was possessed.


3 thoughts on “Trevor Christine

  1. A possessed car – sounds alarming! 😯 I think that’s quite a common occurrence now, cars just aren’t simple vehicles any more. Mind you – having said that, I do remember my dad spending half his life looking into the engine of his car, fiddling with something or other! Now, you just take it to a garage (car maintenance) and get ripped off into paying a lot of money to have little or nothing done, so you can take it back again for some more treatment – I’m really glad I don’t have a car, or need one either! 🙂

  2. I don’t know what I’d do without a car. Here in the west it’s a necessity.
    I read a book once about the start of the final war. The bad guys used three strategically placed EMT’s over the US to wipe out all the computers and technology basically. Since cars are more computerized than anything nowadays – all the transportation ceased as well.
    That book freaked me out!
    In other words, I’m always looking for a Plan B now. And I wish I still had my old 79 Honda Accord! There was absolutely no computer in that thing 🙂

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