Trevor Christine

Sure, it looks innocent enough

Sure, it looks innocent enough

I bought my car last September.  A cute Toyota RAV 4 that I coveted for a long time.  Promptly upon leaving the car lot (and signing my life away) I christened is Trevor.  Yeah, Trevor the Toyota RAV 4.  It doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like Felix the Ford Explorer, but it is clever enough for me.  And wrong.  It should have been dubbed Christine – as if in, Stephen King’s horror story of a possessed car.

When I test drove it, I put it through all the normal routines.

√ Made it up the belt route while exceeding the speed limit  (meaning horsepower is decent)

√ Power windows worked pushing the down and then the up button  (former car story)

√ I looked cute in it (self explanatory)

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