My day

Alarm number 1 beeps

and I hit the snooze.

Then clock number 2

starts singing the blues.


How many times

can I close my eyes

and fall back to sleep?

You’d be surprised.


I got to get up

and face the new day.

But I’m so tired

as I go my way.


I close my eyes

while in the shower.

And I’m still sleepy

at the noon hour.


Let’s not discuss

what happens at 2

when staying awake

is more than I can do.


3 to 4 o’clock

seems to take forever.

But 5pm

isn’t much better.


I can’t say that

I enjoy my evening

because I’m too tired

to do anything.


I know, I know,

“Go to bed early.”

But doing so

requires energy.


In bed, at last,

waiting for the Sandman shake.

But no such luck,

I’m finally wide awake!


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