this isn’t weird if you belong to my family…

I’m not a control freak. There are just some things better left done by me. For example, I have the song picked out I want played at my funeral during the video of my life. I have made a lot of life videos. Most songs are picked out by the bereaved family members. A funeral is already a sad affair. A sad song played for a photo montage is not necessary. That’s why I want my theme song:

I have one small request, the first verse doesn’t apply to me so please have a voice-over narrative. That will be the perfect time to extol my many virtues. Perhaps someone can share a funny story. Knowing me, there will be plenty of embarrassing stories to laugh at.

And because one song isn’t long enough for a life video I need a second song. I originally wanted this to be the final umph.

But I have to face facts. This just ain’t me.

So, I’m currently looking for a second theme song.

Any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “this isn’t weird if you belong to my family…

  1. I do like both of these songs but i do like the 1st one better! I think you could pick any song you like the beat of and change the words…I seem to remember a song you changed words for not too long ago and did awsome at it! 🙂

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