This Secret Might be the Death of Me

What do you mean
it won’t happen today?
Keeping secrets –
not really my forte.
I need to tell.
I so desire to share.
Making me wait –
kinda mean and unfair.
Let me help you
with an explanation.
I will describe
the situation.
Picture a dam
holding back the vast sea.
Now look closer
because that dam is me.
And the water
is that darn ol’ secret
I have to keep –
I can’t share quite yet.
“I can’t hold it
together much longer,”
Scotty worried
he thought they were goners.
I can relate –
this is all I can take.
Leaks are springing –
this dam is sure to break!


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2 thoughts on “This Secret Might be the Death of Me

  1. Haha! I did!! She was there tonight 🙂 It’s our new addition to our yw family. The girls wanted to know so, so bad. And we had all these vacation schedules causing a delay. But at last… sweet relief of everyone knowing. Ahhhhh!! 🙂

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