Krista’s Prayer

Before leaving our heavenly home,
Father may have sent you with a prayer.
I can only imagine what was said for you,
Since I wasn’t there.

“My dear precious one,”
He said as you sat upon his lap,
“Dear sweet little soul,
The time has come for you to leave this home now,
But please remember your goal.
Oh, how I want you to succeed.
I want you to win this important race
In order to do that,
You must forget, for a little while, this place.
But I am sending you to a faithful,
Loving home.
A special place that waits for you,
And where you will not be alone.
I am giving you many gifts
To help your spirit grow.
Many blessings to help you,
Like a mother who will love you so.
You will also have a father
Who is there to see you through.
The two of them are there and waiting
And will help you to stay true.
You’ll get to have two sisters,
Who will become your best friends.
And soon you’ll have a brother,
To stand by you till the end.
And a host of others,
Who are waiting there with love.
Because they realize,
You are a gift from here above.
Dear child of mine, dear little one.
My dear Krista Lyn, you have done well
While you have been here,
And you have hearkened faithfully to counsel.
Though you won’t remember any of this,
Truth with have a familiar chime.
There are gifts you have now,
And others you will discover over time.
You have the choice how to use your gifts,
But do not use them for the wrong.
If you will turn your gifts to me,
I will make them right, and true, and strong.
Temptations will come.
You have no need to fear or cower.
You have the gifts you need
To become a woman of honor and power.
A will as steady and strong
As the mighty oak that grows.
Some will try to turn you,
But stay close to me, I’ll fight your foes.
An imagination to lift your thoughts
As if on eagle’s wings.
Sights only you will know unless
You help others see what you are seeing.
A smile and laugh to be treasured,
And a delightful wit.
Remember to share them often,
To brighten those you are with.
I’m sending a friend with you,
Though you won’t see or know her.
A veiled guide for you,
An angel on your shoulder.
But remember, remember my dear Krista Lyn,
When your long, fruitful life is over,
Come home to me, again.


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