A Poem by Corina

I was doing my civic duty one bright, fine day,

when I decided to visit the nursing home – where all the old folks stay.

My heart full of nothing but sweet charity,

I scanned the halls to see who might need me.

When I noticed a woman in her room all alone,

wearing a dress and a shawl that was well worn.

I smiled and thought how nice I could be.

“Would you like to chat?” I asked her softly.

She jumped up and shut the door.

I started to ask what she did that for,

when I could see on her face a grin.

She asked, “I’ve been waiting, where have you been?”

She didn’t wait for an answer,

but pulled me closer.

She whispered, “I’ll tell you, dear, where all my money I hide.”

My eyes got so wide,

and I listened intently

as she told her life’s story.

She had millions of dollars hid away,

and no one has found it to this very day!

Sure, at first I thought she was just aging in the mind,

but I had heard of a lady with millions no one could find.

And when she was done telling me how much she had,

she was going to tell me where it was at.

When she looked at me and said, “I’m so glad you came, Tina.”

With delusions of grandeur, I said without thinking, “The name is Corina.”

Her smile quickly disappeared and she said gravely, “You’re not who I meant.”

And with that, she got up and went.

* I wrote this poem many years ago when I worked at the movie theater.  If my memory serves me correctly, an older woman came into the theater and started talking to me like she knew me.  When she found out my name, she really did say, “You are not who I meant.”


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