A Poet

I am no poet.

That I recognize.

I’m not a poet,

Of course, I realize.

A poet’s soul –

Creates pictures with words.

A poet’s mission –

Elevates the absurd.

I’m too literal.

I think in black and white.

I miss the picture –

My work comes out trite.

I’m not perfect.

I don’t pretend to be.

I always tell myself –

To write first for me.

I must remember

If I like what I pen,

Perhaps you’ll join me

Every now and then.


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4 thoughts on “A Poet

  1. I’m dying to say it – you know what I’m thinking of – but I won’t!

    This is a perfect little piece of paradox – I love it. Do you know, I’m quite smitten by your style; most poetry I read these days takes itself too seriously, all emotions and dreary pictures and structures I can’t fathom. The straight-forwardness of yours is refreshing.

    Oh heck, I can’t help myself:

    You’re a poet
    And you don’t know it!


  2. Hahaha! (that’s fb talk for lol) Thanks again for the huge compliment. I started my poetry feature because that gets my biggest draw but I always feel like a fish out of water.
    Thanks for reading!

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