Special Deliveries

A couple of exciting things have happened this week already.  First of all, I became a great-aunt the second time over.  My niece, Nicola, gave birth to a healthy baby girl in the wee hours Monday morning.

Let me tell you, it puts a little bit of pressure on a person when the word “great” is included in the title.  I remind my other nieces that they are “good” aunts now, but someday they too will be great.  They have much to learn.  Although, I haven’t exactly lived up to the title very well yet.  I better get busy and spoil Lil’ Ms. M and her big brother B while I still can.  Before that day when I become crazy-great-aunt Corina and go around pinching everyone’s bottoms.  What?  Only my great-aunts did that?  Ooh.

My baby

But that wasn’t the only delivery this week.  I, too, had a very important delivery yesterday.  I upgraded to the 21st century and received my very first iphone.  At first, I wanted to wait until I got a job-upgrade with a pay-upgrade.  But my old phone, the trooper that it is, wasn’t holding out so well.  I’d have to charge it immediately when I got home from work if I wanted it to last until bedtime.  But it served me well.  RIP Voyager.

Here’s a confession.  I didn’t donate it to the plethora of worthy causes.  I turned it off and stuck it in my drawer.  You see, it has the very last text message I received from my mom.  So, for now anyway, it’s staying with me.  Plus, it has pictures that I still have to get from it.

photo courtesy the web

I didn’t donate my Motorola Razr V3 either.  Remember those?  Mine is the pink variety and I use it as my alarm clock.  And a photo album.  Unfortunately, all my pictures are trapped on the phone never to be rescued.  Unless, any of you fine readers have a solution.  It’s too bad, because I have a picture that needs to go with my blog tomorrow.  You probably won’t believe it if you can’t see it.  If we ever bump into each other, I’ll whip out (well, not really whip out since I keep it by my bed – but I will retrieve it) my little pink photo album and show you the proof.

If it redeems me at all in your eyes, I think I did donate my very first phone.  Possibly.  To tell the truth, I can’t remember.  So, I’m going to say I donated it and make myself look better.

At the rate I’m going, I’m going to have quite the collection of cell phones in my drawer.  Maybe I could do something quirky with them like…build a house?  Hey, if vodka, whiskey, and beer bottles can build a house, I’m sure cell phones could also build something constructive.  Wouldn’t it stink of one started ringing after the wall was completed?

Now, that would be funny.


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