A Modern Day Proverb

A new adage I’m starting.  I hope it catches on. 


Be as indestructible as a Pringles’ individual cup. 

It all starts with an ordinary Pringles' individual cup. Yes, the chips were yummy!


My mission: destroy the cup!

Can't say I didn't try to kill the cup.


It pops back in shape like nothing happened.


I'm not done.


I give it all I got.


A little dented but the shape still holds. Whatever life throws at us, be like a Pringles' cup! Remember the old Rolex slogan? This could be: Takes a beatin' so you can keep on eatin'! Maybe? Perhaps.


4 thoughts on “A Modern Day Proverb

  1. No, but I imagine it would hold its own for the most part (thinking of camp fires). However, the one I played with at work (which inspired this post) I finally conquered with scissors. It took both hands to cut – that’s why I couldn’t take a photo of it finally going down. It still took some effort though. I stand by my adage – pop back up like a Pringles cup!

  2. The caption in the last picture is very wrong. First of all, it was a Timex – not Rolex. And second, the slogan was, “Takes a licking but keeps on ticking.” Just another product of DST syndrome.

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