A Very Bad Poem about Daylight Saving Time – but the best I can do

courtesy the webI’d lament about

Daylight Saving Time

But I’m too tired

To think of a witty rhyme.

All week long

My days have been a bit hazy

Forgetting things

Constantly feeling kinda crazy.

Not to mention

My reflexes have slowed down

My reasoning,

Just ain’t very sound.

What little

Of my miniscule concentration

Flutters about

With the slightest distraction.

I know, I know,

The rhymes ain’t that pure.

Just can’t think,

I am no longer sure.

Almost done

With this first dreaded week.

My big plan

For the weekend is sleep!

Try as I may,

The rhymes just aren’t working out.

But I’m trying,

Give me a break, for crying out loud!

Oh man –

I keep doing it again and again

So, I guess

This dreadful poem should just end.

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4 thoughts on “A Very Bad Poem about Daylight Saving Time – but the best I can do

  1. You’re right! What a glaring omission. I’ve been late (well, later) to work, too. Another example of DST syndrome. An addendum:
    Every day,
    I very quietly roll into work late.
    Kinda a given,
    Since I wake at a quarter-to-eight.

  2. I think we need a mandatory day off the Monday after next year’s spring forward. Not a holiday. More along the lines of an “adjustment” day.

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