Dealing with Jerks

I was discussing the rude behavior of a certain individual with a friend. My friend, positive this person was aware of his actions, made the assumption that he would cower under a perceived authority figure. “Surely,” she surmised, “he’d act different toward this person’s wife.” I thought about it. “Only if he thinks he is doing something wrong. But let’s face it, he probably isn’t aware of how everyone is viewing his actions.”

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Changing the Narrative

Meeks Cabin, Uinta County, Wyoming

We can’t always control the events in our life. Sometimes we are mere players. What we are told and reminded of is we can control our reaction to events. Easier said than done. It may feel at times that we are swept downstream in a fast moving river and our reactions are little more than instinct. If that is the case and our reaction comes before we have time to think maybe we have to revisit the situation and if possible change the story. It is our story, after all, we are in charge of the narrative. Sometimes we need to do a rewrite, an edit. We revisit the pain in order to find beauty. We change the narrative.

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General Conference thoughts: After the Trial of Our Faith and Honoring His Name

I don’t teach Relief Society but if I did and I happened to be leading a discussion of a combination of these two talks I suppose I would start with an object lesson of sorts. First, I would call someone by name to come to the front of the room to help me. I would then ask her to follow a set of directions as I give them – one direction at a time. After she reached the end, I would ask her if it would have been easier to know the destination beforehand so that she would know the outcome of all the smaller actions. Continue reading