Happy Pi Day

Happy Pi day to all.


It’s Pi day today.  3/14.  Now, you may look at my picture and think, “She’s a math nerd?”  No, unfortunately, I am not.  How I wish I was though.

No, the only reason I know about Pi day is because of J-Girl.  Last night she came to our activity very excited.  “Tomorrow is Pi day!”  She exclaimed.   She showed more enthusiasm for March 14th than Ms. M did.  And today is Ms. M’s birthday!

J-Girl’s zeal was infectious.  No, that sounds gross.  Her enthusiasm was contagious (I admit that’s not much better).  After she told me about it, I remembered her getting excited about it last year.  Thankfully, her school teacher this year is cool enough to foster her passion.  He not only allowed the class to have pies today to celebrate, he even paid for them.  Kudos Mr. Teacher! Her teacher last year was a dud and put the kibosh on the celebration.  Way to snuff out a budding mathematician, lady.

But this year, her senior year, J-Girl was able to indulge in a, let’s be honest, nerdy party.  And she even got me excited for the day.  Which is no small feat.  When I look at math problems, I might as well be reading hieroglyphics.

“Happy Pi day,” I text her this morning.  “Make it count.”  I thought there was a pun in there and I thought it was quite clever.  She politely responded.

I went to work determined to make my cleverness noticed.  “Happy Pi Day,” I wrote on the dry erase board behind me.  “Make it count!”  Nobody appreciated it.

Okay, it’s been 20 years since I graduated high school.  Do I remember exactly what Pi is for?  No.  I displayed that the other day when J-Girl asked (jokingly) what the square root of Pi is.

“3.64,” I said eagerly.

Everyone in the room looked at me.  In my defense, I chose to skip over the whole square root part of her question.  But either way, 3.64 is definitely the wrong answer.

So, no I don’t know what branch Pi belongs to.  But I do know the tree is math.  And what’s in math? Numbers.  And what do we do with numbers? We count them.  I told you my pun was clever.  Once again, my humor is ahead of its time.

My boss came into my office and saw my note.  “Happy Pi day?” she said disgusted.  “Why do they (I’m assuming she meant mathematicians) need their own nerdy day?”

To all you mathematicians, please don’t be offended by her statement.  She was a music major in college so she’s one of “those” types.  You know, the artsy variety.  A fellow hieroglyphic reader.

But I was undeterred.  I left my message on the board all day.  My boss would have understood better if she had been around J-Girl last night.  This is J-Girl’s last Pi day with us.  I hope she still has the same enthusiasm next year.  Of course, I’ll have to send her a Facebook message then.  That is, if I remember.  She might have to wait until March 64th to get the note though.

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