Story behind the post: The Car Wash

Any long-time reader of this blog should know that I attempt to write a five-part short story every month with 5 Saturdays. It’s an attempt to practice my writing skills. In the beginning of its conception, I thought it would help motivate me to write on a regular basis. That has not panned out as planned. Whenever I look at the calendar and see a 5 Saturday month approaching, I tend to get a little anxious. Mainly because I don’t even have an idea formulating. Such was my predicament toward the end of September. October had five Saturdays and was drawing closer, what was I going to do? Should I keep this goal or file it away as a “no longer applicable” ambition tucked away with other goals I have moved away from. No, I wanted to keep the practice. So, what to write? The week before October 1, I finally sat down and wrote the first chapter of The Car Wash.

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