Faith with Works Brings Forth Miracles

guest bloggerby Nancy Lee

November 19, 2014

NJ could picture her mom dancing and chanting to the Little Engine that Could on her way to the testing center. It brought a smile to her face. She remembered all throughout her school days how her mom would chant to her, “I think you can, I think you can!” for encouragement. NJ found a sudden burst of energy. She studied long and hard for this test and was ready for any question thrown at her!

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Tough Enough

Life is messy, life gets hard

sometimes you don’t want to press on.

How will you ever make it

when you don’t feel strong?

Here are a few words

of encouragement for you

because you do have what it takes

to help you make it through.

Because she’s a part of you –

tough enough to raise her children all alone.

She’s a part of you –

tough enough to leave and set out on her own.

She’s a part of you –

tough enough to give birth while rain flooded the Green.

She’s a part of you –

tough enough to start her family at seventeen.

So you see – you will succeed.

Look behind you –

They are walking with you.

Reach inside you –

they are a part of you.

Heartache will come your way

but you will make it through the day –

because you’re already tough enough.