My afghan of many colors…

Perhaps you have read the story in the bible about Joseph’s coat of many colors?  True, it’s no Moses and the Red Sea parting but it’s still kind of famous.  There’s a Broadway play that borrowed it.  After including some songs, of course.  At least, I assume playwriters added the songs.  I can’t imagine anyone broke into song and dance in real life but I won’t guarantee it.  I wasn’t there.

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J’s Story

Have you ever been told something that you’re not quite sure if it’s true?  Ever?  Years later you still retell the story (because it is a good story) and there’s always an edge of doubt to your voice.  You are always compelled to attach a disclaimer with the events just in case the audience won’t believe you.  Then you can say, “Yeah, I don’t think it could happen either,” and not sound so gullible.  It happens to me quite a bit.

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There Could be a Possible Story Here

Today was extremely busy and I just got home.  So… no typical blog tonight.  I know, I know, you’re disappointed.  Keep your chin up, there’s always tomorrow.

However, I do want to introduce a character that came knocking on my imagination today.  Normally when I write stories, I get the story first and then the character.  That hasn’t worked out very well for me.  Today the character arrived first and I’m waiting for him to tell me his story. 

Henry  Luck, a drifter and gambler, came from somewhere and is sitting on the oversized sofa in a corner of my brain.  What?  Doesn’t everyone have furniture in their heads?  Just me?  Shucks.  Odd again.

Anyway, Henry’s been sitting there all day and his story is slowly coming into view.  He could just be hiding out from his best friend/nemesis Cooper J. Darwin.  Cooper is always trying to throw Henry in jail and get rid of him.  Why?  A woman of course.  Rebekah Rion (pronounced Ryan) Radcliffe is the person who came between the two.  I’m not sure how the love triangle played out.  Henry has been reluctant to open up. 

Maybe I’ll be able to share their story with you someday.