General Conference thoughts: Perfect Love Casteth Out Fear

by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Back when I was a regular journal writer, in a decade known as the ’90’s, I used to sign off every night with the goal “Love not Fear.”  I have long since recognized my tendency to let fear govern my actions instead of love.   Continue reading


See our ares

This came by happy accident.  I wrote it as I wrote a synopsis of another post.  I liked it so much I decided it needed to have its very own meme.  The photo is from a little spring waterfall that is quite popular in my town.  When you live in a desert, a little running water is a big thing.  I thought the photo fit nicely with the thought.

A small act of kindness

It was a simple act. I wonder how many people even noticed? Surely if I saw it others must have too.

Brother So-and-so was saying the Sacrament prayer for the bread. Apparently, it was that kind of day for him. The words just couldn’t make their way out of his mouth correctly. He started several times. This is one of those instances that have the potential to embarrass someone. For some people, it could even drive them to obscurity. Slip away, slip away into safe, comfortable surroundings. Why bother trying?

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First you pick it up, then you put it in the bag (bump, bump)

Every year for the past several years, our ward volunteers to participate in our city wide clean up.  It’s not a complicated job – every person is assigned garbage bags, a brightly colored t-shirt (so drivers can see you and wonder if you are on work detail, I suppose), and gloves.  Then we walk along, spot trash, pick it up, and put it in the bag.  Even I can handle this.  So, the last few years I try to help out.  However, Saturday I wanted to go visit my new grand-niece and avoid Mother’s Day on Sunday.  I decided to volunteer  but leave early.  I grabbed two bags and figured I’d work until I either filled up both bags or an hour and a half – whichever came first.  Unfortunately, I filled two bags in an hour.  And I only covered about a block.  The word I think you’re looking for is “ew.”   At least, that’s the word I used.  Many, many times.

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