General Conference thoughts: For Him

by Joy D. Jones

This is a very beautiful talk but I’m going to sum it up with a previous thought:

lose your why

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General Conference thoughts: Ministering as the Savior Does

by Jean B. Bingham

In the end (and we are nowhere near the end of discussing this topic), the most compelling example anyone can give is of the Savior Himself.  Look to Jesus, He will show you the way on how to minister.  He is, of course, the perfect minister. Continue reading

General Conference thoughts: Be With and Strengthen Them

by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

How to be a decent human being 101.  That’s what this is all about.  If the heart is the symbol of love and we live in a time when “men’s hearts shall fail them” (Doctrine and Covenants 45:26) is it any wonder we need to be reminded how to use our heart?  Or that we need to know how to put the checklist down and focus on people?   Continue reading

See our ares

This came by happy accident.  I wrote it as I wrote a synopsis of another post.  I liked it so much I decided it needed to have its very own meme.  The photo is from a little spring waterfall that is quite popular in my town.  When you live in a desert, a little running water is a big thing.  I thought the photo fit nicely with the thought.