General Conference thoughts: Behold the Lamb of God

A small bit of counsel I picked up somewhere along the way in life that I have held onto helps me focus on the Sacrament.  I will pass it along to you to see if it helps you. The ordinance of the Sacrament does not begin with the prayer, it begins with the hymn.  In fact, if we view the hymn as a prelude to the prayer it helps us begin to focus and be reverent.  This means if I arrive late to the meeting and the Sacrament hymn is being sung I wait out in the foyer until the ordinance is complete.  Continue reading

Gratitude on the Sabbath Day

by President Henry B. Eyring

Below is the link to the General Conference talk by President Eyring. Between the link and here I share a few of my personal thoughts on the subject.

We’ve been counseled to keep the Sabbath Day holy.  In the last couple years this has been reiterated.

I like it when the picture is drawn and we can see the practical how-to of counsel.  Here is a game plan on how to do what was asked.  If you’re keeping track, it’s a companion piece to other talks on the subject such as this one by Bishop Davies.

If you’re writing a how-to on the subject, how many other talks in this conference alone give us a step by step instruction on how to keep the Sabbath Day holy?  What a great study that would be!

Gratitude on the Sabbath Day