Fishing for Complements!

clipart via the web

clipart via the web

Now it’s time for a round of
Fishing for Complements!

How about some complimentary complements? That’s right folks, complEments (to make whole or complete).

One 45 degree angle said to another: we’re so right together!
One 90 degree angle said to another: you are my straight and narrow!
One 180 degree angle said to another: I came full circle because of you!
The noun said to the verb: you complete me!
The tree said to the branch: I’m naked without you. Don’t ever leaf me!
The car said to the gas: you move me!
The glass said to the water: you fill me up!
The status said to the like: I felt so unseen before you!
The day said to the sun: you light up my life!
The sentence said to the exclamation point: you’re my perfect ending!

Wow! Those are really bad. Can you do better?