General Conference thoughts: Sharing What Is in Your Heart

My reaction when I hear the topic is missionary work?  Ugh.  Missionary work.  And I start looking for an exit that I can slip out either figuratively or literally.  Missionary work is not my strong suit.  Never has been.

That’s why I never wanted to serve a mission.  That’s also why I was surprised when I ended up serving a mission.  To be honest, I was not a very good missionary.  Or, to use the term we learned at the MTC, I was “less effective.”

It’s because I am a literal soul.  So when I hear things or methods of success I tend to copy the routine or the rules.  I typically leave out personal touches or circumstances.  What works for you may not work for me because, well, I am me not you.  It’s that simple.

My approach now is much more low key and a lot more me. I figure if I live the gospel and discuss the things that are important to me then opportunities will arise naturally.  If I’m living a happy, peaceful life people are going to notice in this day and age.  And if it piques their curiosity I’ll be ready to answer.

Sharing What Is in Your Heart

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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