Moth country

The other night I turned off the light and waited for sleep to find me.  While the Sandman ran a little late getting to my bedroom I heard flip, flip, flippity-flip, flip, flippity-flip.  Great, another moth.  Since I heard the little annoyer as I tried drifting off to sleep my mind played out some weird scenarios.  I won’t go into detail but one involved the moth landing in my mouth after I fell asleep.  That woke me up and I turned on the light.

I admit my intent was to kill on sight.  But I didn’t need to.  I don’t know if the light threw the little guy off or if he was just so hopped up on energy he soaked up earlier he couldn’t see straight.  He flew right into the wall with a moth-sized thud and slid down behind my bed.  Since it was already late I decided to leave the little corpse.  Perhaps the spiders would see that as a peace-offering and eat the feast  I provided for them instead of nibbling on me during the night.

I turned off the light again.

About five minutes later I heard flip, flip, flippity-flip, flip, flippity-flip.  Apparently, the run in to the wall only knocked him out for a few minutes.  He was back to his anxious-sounding flight.  I sighed and turned on the light again.  He flew right at my face.  Oh, I don’t think so!  I did my best Karate Kid wax off move and… he flew into the wall again.  In my opinion, this particular moth could have really benefited from some little tiny glasses.  I mean a wall is kind of a big object – even for us humans.  It’s even bigger for a tiny moth.  C’mon,  he should have been able to avoid the wall.  If not the first time, definitely the second time.  But he didn’t.  He smacked into it again.  This time he never resurrected from his demise and I fell asleep.

I don’t know if it’s a global thing or just a regional situation but our little community has been invaded by moths this summer.  An abnormal number of the cuter and more socially acceptable butterfly’s cousin has descended upon us.   At first, I thought it was just me being annoyed by them but then I read a friend’s Facebook status lamenting the moth invasion.

They are everywhere.  Two little carcasses have been lying on my bathroom floor by my hamper all weekend.  It’s kind of gross.  I really should sweep them up.

I’m just wondering, what goes through a moth’s little mind?  Do you think the artificial light they crave so much gives them a high?  That would explain the frenetic fluttering afterward.  It’s the equivalent of a meth head after a fix.  Well, you know, if a meth addict could fly.  Thank goodness they can’t!  It’s annoying enough to have little moth addicts flying into walls.  Could you imagine turning off the light and having a meth addict flap around your bedroom?

Okay, this just became weird.  I think this is a good place to end.   Now that I have planted disturbing images in your mind.  You are welcome.


2 thoughts on “Moth country

  1. Haha! Moths are very annoying, and by our super intelligence, very, very stupid! I hate flying things in the house, night or day, I have special sealed round the edges nets on all my windows, so I don’t get driven crazy in summer with every bug and spider imaginable – it works very well! I do get those little tiny moths though, can never figure out if they come through the tiny holes in the nets, and then can’t get out, or they come from some mysterious hiding place!

    But a moth in the mouth phueaaaa!!! That’s not a word by the way – can’t think how else to describe that! 😆

  2. I think that describes the situation very appropriately. I’ve had other bugs fly in my mouth (accidently of course) but never a moth. I imagine it would taste very dusty or powdery? Ick! Switch subjects QUICK! 🙂
    I thought maybe the great moth infestation of ’13 had come to an end. But alas, a big one flew into my office at work today.
    I live in the basement so I’m actually in the bugs’ territory. I’m quite accustomed to the spiders and stinkbugs. Not that I like them – I’m just used to them. Nothing will keep them out. But the moths are more annoying since they aren’t very quiet.
    Dumb bugs.

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