Be careful out there

In 2018, Steve Carell (The Office) starred in a movie called “Welcome to Marwen.”  It looked quirky and I like to think that I like quirky so I thought I’d watch it.  But it wasn’t a must see rather a “eh, maybe I’ll watch that sometime.”  The time came when it came to me via tv and there was absolutely nothing on.  It turns out, the movie is way past quirky.  In fact, it waves at quirky as it heads into surreal.  The thing that takes it up a notch is it is, in fact, based on a true story.  A story that may make you watch the movie with squinted eyes and the question “is this for real” playing in a loop in your mind.   At least, that’s how I watched it. Part of it is not real, not real at all.  Part of it is a lesson on being deceived. Continue reading