Will She?

IV. Will She Come?

Dakota finished his story and gently rubbed his palms on the table as if flattening it. 

May nodded her head slowly.  “So, you’re waiting for Cheyenne with no last name to come through those doors in,” she looked at the clock, “five minutes?”

He swallowed. “Yes, yes I am. I mean, she will come. She will, I can feel it.”

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Will She?

II. Dakota and Cheyenne’s Meet Cute

I was working at the Tech Team counter at the department store You Got It. As usual, it was a rather slow afternoon. Most people fancy themselves IT experts. At least, they use YouTube to fix their problems until their problems get away from them. That’s when they come calling.

It was one of those days where the minutes felt like hours and the hours felt like days. I could hardly wait for my shift to end. About five minutes before I clocked out she walked in. Actually, that’s not accurate. She more like tumbled in with her arms full carrying her laptop. I watched as she made her way to my counter and set her computer down. All she said was, “Fix it.”

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True Love

A change of pace for today’s blog.  Just some thoughts I’ve been thinking of this week.  I asked the question, “How do you define true love?” on Facebook last night.  Only got a few responses and two were identical with “Mom and dad.”  Aww.  And the other put it in perspective, “Two people dedicated to making each other happy.  Even when one of them likes MacGyver.”  Hmm, I never took SC as a MacGyver fan – but apparently her husband puts up with it.  It might be the other way around on that. 

What got me thinking of this topic, well, it’s a combination of things.  For starters, the AT&T commercial with the couple and the husband just signed them up for unlimited mobile to mobile minutes .  His wife is watering flowers in the greenhouse (which tells me they have a comfortable life, financially anway.  I mean, I don’t have a greenhouse).  The husband tells his wife what he did and she’s just a little mean and nasty thing muttering, “My mother’s right, I should have married John Clark.”  Two words people: marriage counseling.  But after I finished shuddering at the tension in 30 seconds, I started thinking, if this were a real couple, why would they still be together?  What would have brought them together to begin with?

L.O.V.E.  Most people think they know what it means, but do they?  Do I?  One of my least favorite lines from a movie is the well-known quote from “Love Story.”  I’ve never seen the movie so I don’t know the context of this line and I may be missing the whole point.  But the often repeated, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry,” makes me cringe every time I hear it.  For me, love means being willing to say you’re sorry.  Love is forgiveness and humility, and has very little concern with who is right.

Here are some other thoughts I had about true love (not to be confused with “To blave.”)

Love is true. 

It’s a gift basket filled with comfort items to cheer you up.

It’s spending a Wednesday night driving someone 200 miles instead of spending it with your family.

It’s being willing to drive another 187 miles for someone after you’ve already driven 200 miles.

It’s a bag full of pink starbursts.

Love is positive, not negative.

Love gives you strength to walk in the inevitable darkness that lurks around the corner.

Love is gratitude.

It’s more than gesture.

It’s the meaning behind the touch.

It’s the feeling behind the phrase, “I love you.”

Love is kind, respectful tones.  It is not found in sarcasm.  But it is found in good humor.

It’s the hug that holds you up when trials do their best to knock you down.

It’s meals served because you have to do something to help.  Anything to help.

It’s the listening ear.

Love is time.

Love is nice to feel but feels nicer to do. 

Love is an action word.

All that from a 30 second commercial which I really wish I never see again.