Will She?

IV. Will She Come?

Dakota finished his story and gently rubbed his palms on the table as if flattening it. 

May nodded her head slowly.  “So, you’re waiting for Cheyenne with no last name to come through those doors in,” she looked at the clock, “five minutes?”

He swallowed. “Yes, yes I am. I mean, she will come. She will, I can feel it.”

May pursed her lips together.  “Wait here as long as you’d like.” She stood up and pushed her chair in and resisted the urge to pat him on the head.  Instead she nodded at Mariah.  “C’mon, we have work to do.”

Mariah stood up and followed May into the back room.

“Wow,” Mariah said when the door closed and stood on her tiptoes to look out the window to watch Dakota.

“Don’t bother,” May said.  “I can tell you right now how this is going to end.  That girl ain’t coming.  That boy in there is going to leave heart broken. At least, as heartbroken as he can be after only knowing her for less than 48 hours. He will give her a good solid hour waiting but in the end, he will walk out alone, hopefully a little tougher and a little wiser.”

“You don’t think she will come?” Mariah looked at May.

“No, honey, if there is one thing I have learned in my years of experience it’s this, that girl will not come.  That boy will pine for a good solid week but he will be fine.  Probably, I dare say, a little better.  This will end up being a good story told to his friends and family until he finds out what love really is.” May thought she should try to teach Mariah a life lesson, “Love is not found in one afternoon.  That is something else.  Love is found with time and experience.”

Mariah nodded as she processed the lesson.  “But,” she said, “what about love at first sight?”

May grunted.  She couldn’t counter with youth’s romanticism. 

Mariah continued.  “Call it what you will, May, but sometimes love can happen in an afternoon.”

“Based on your experience?” May said sarcastically.

“Based on my grandparents’ story,” Mariah replied ignoring May’s tone.  “My grandpa always said he fell in love with grandma the first time he met her.”

May knew there was no arguing the point.  They had two very different views of the matter.  Even if Cheyenne didn’t walk into the store Mariah would have an excuse for her.  Whatever excuse she came up with would only magnify the romantic appeal.  “Well, I guess we better get back out there and see for ourselves then,” she said. “I always wanted to know what love at first sight would look like.”

They walked back out and looked at Dakota sitting at the table by himself. All three of them looked up at the clock at the same time to see it click to 8:00. All three of them held their breath as they shifted their eyes to the door. Will she come?

I have no answer to give you because I don’t know if she comes. Sometimes I agree with May. Life has taught me that happy endings don’t always occur. Besides, who is to say Cheyenne walking through that doorway is a happy ending? But sometimes I agree with Mariah because sometimes happy endings do win the day. And maybe, just maybe, this will be a wonderful story to share with their future children. So, I leave the fate of Cheyenne and Dakota in your capable hands and minds. I only ask that you share your ending with me because I really want to know — will she come?

I. Waiting

II. Dakota and Cheyenne’s Meet Cute

III. The Complication

3 thoughts on “Will She?

  1. Not me! Thanks for sharing your ending. ☺️ This was my homage to The Lady or The Tiger? By Frank Stockton. I read it in Jr High and it must have made an impact.

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