Story behind the post: Samantha’s Days

It may not be a good sign that after every short story I write, I feel the need to explain. This is the kind of thing I would do if I had a podcast. At the moment, I don’t. So, here is the explanation or behind the scenes of my story, Samantha’s Days.

If you are a regular reader to this little blog you should, by now, be familiar with my schedule. As a reminder, every month with five Saturdays I attempt a five-chapter short story. April’s short story was about a woman named Samantha that gets publicly dumped which prompts her to make a life journey of discovery.

Let me tell you about the inspiration for this little story. It all started with a rom-com. Back in February, I watched a movie called “Marry Me” (2022). It stars Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson. The premise is absolutely ridiculous. But that didn’t stop be from moving my Peacock app to a paid subscription for the month so that I could watch it. More than once (if I’m paying for a month, I’m going to get my money’s worth).

The only thing sadder about watching the movie more than once (an exact number is not necessary to disclose) is the fact that this is the second time I have mentioned it in my blog. I know. If this is sounding familiar you can check out my original comments on the subject in my post “The Goal of the Ear-Worm.” At least I am consistent.

When I watch a movie, I usually think of alternate ways to tell the story. What would I have done differently? What story would I have told? That kind of thing. When I watched the movie and because I can read calendars, I knew a five-Saturday month was approaching. I needed a story. So, I thought I would share my take on a similar premise which became a completely different story.

I used the same impetus of a publicly humiliating break-up. A fall from grace that can’t be hidden under the rug. But the rise from the fall was different. It is not a rom-com. Hopefully, still a bit of a com without the rom. Instead of a romantic love saving our heroine it was love. Love of self. Love of self led to confidence. I totally expect that confidence to lead to a true love – perhaps romantic – after the story ends.

I am a sucker for a love story. However, the ever-increasing realist in me knows that a love of self is the better story. That is the one that we should hope comes true for us. Love yourself. Find confidence in yourself. Those two things will help you become the heroine/hero of your own story. And it will be the best one of all.

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