Do You Know Where Love Is?

Yes, I have listened to the news,

The world’s problems get me down, too.

People loving people, then changing their minds,

A lot of hurt is happening all the time.

And you’re asking your friends,

The same questions over again.

“Isn’t there any love left in this world?

A boy willing to love only one girl?

Any lovers sharing a gentle kiss?

Someone tell me, do you know where love is?”

To answer, let me tell you a story,

Of a great love epic that came to be.

It has lasted over thirty years,

It has been filled with laughter and tears.

Some may have doubted, but I’m proud to say,

They are still together this very day.

It is not the love of a king and queen

Or the love story on a movie screen.

Nor a classic fable passed down,

None of these is where a great love is found.

But in a modest little place

Is a love that is filled with grace.

The two have been with each other for so long,

That I think the love they share, cannot be wrong.

Through both good and stormy weather,

They’ll be together forever.

 *written for mom and dad’s 30th anniversary

This and other fine poems available at

This and other fine poems available at

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